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At Melton Family Farm Direct Meats - Meat Delivered Wagga Wagga, we are selling a range of meat packs which can be ordered on line any time. We sell individual cuts of meat at farmer markets that we attend. The meat is all cryovaced which continues the ageing process and increases shelf life. Cryovaced meat can be kept for up to four to six weeks in a refrigerator under 4 degrees.

The price of each box may actually vary according to actual weight. Each pack is listed with a maximum price. Cuts will vary in size so final pricing will be determined at dispatch when the actual weight is known. Melton Family Farm Direct Meat - Meat Delivered Wagga Wagga will guarantee that the cost will not be more than what is listed for the product on the website. However, it may be less due to actual weight.

Upon ordering you will enter your credit card details which will be captured securely using SSL security certificate encryption. Payment is then processed offline.  Thus, your credit card will be charged at dispatch and the receipt included with your order. You will receive email notifications advising what stage of the process your order is up to regarding processing and dispatch so you will know what day your credit card payment has been processed.

Delivery Schedule

As we grow and develop Melton Family Farm Direct Meats - Meat Delivered Wagga Wagga will develop a routine of set delivery days to particular areas. This will be determined to a degree by the number and location of Farmer Markets that we attend.

In the meantime Thursday afternoon will be our Wagga delivery day. Please indicate a delivery location during checkout.

If you are outside of Wagga we will contact you to arrange a delivery time.
As a family Melton Family Farm Direct Meats - Meat Delivered Wagga Wagga all take great pride in the Angus Cattle & the 2nd Cross Prime Lambs we produce.Their health & wellbeing always our highest priority.

Melton Family Farm Direct Meats - Meat Delivered Wagga Wagga also take great pride in the fact that our livestock are produced in the highest ethical manner.

We never have or ever will treat our animals with hormone growth promotents,  never lock them in a feedlot situation, nor do we overstock our paddocks.

Our policy has always been to store fodder reserves from good seasons to carry the stock through tougher seasons. If then we need to we destock while still in good condition rather than feedlotting where they are forced to live in muddy excretion soaked yards which in my opinion is grossly an inhumane & unhealthy environment. I am sorry to say but it is also where most of the beef in particular that Australians consume today comes from.
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